Architectural Commissions

Carlson Studio INC Architectural Commissions

The successful public artist is one whose best efforts opens the windows to a distinct visual experience. The artist must negotiate the genre of the architecture, the power of the aesthetics, the interests of generations of students and faculty working in the space. Public Art also must heighten awareness of the public interests with the power of art. Public Art should enlighten, inform, engage and challenge viewers. From the art savvy individual to the momentary visitor, the public art space is a unique experience for that location to share the artist’s creative event in the public domain.

Abest, 2000
16’x18’x7’, limestone and granite
Kansas City Truman Sports Complex
The Brookfield Foundation
Kansas City, KS

Dubitare Balencia, 1998
16’x16’x6’, limestone and granite
Joliet Junior College Campus
Joliet, IL
IL % for the Arts

Delicato Balencia, 1999
10’x13’x5’, limestone and granite
Chicago Public Art Collection
Armitage and Clark St
Chicago, IL

Balencia, 1999
10’x12’x6’, limestone and granite
Meadowbrook Park, City of Champaign
Champaign, IL
(pictures coming soon)

Untitled, 1994
12’x6’x2’, granite and glass
Southern Illinois University, Medical Campus
Springfield, IL
IL for the Arts

Pragnanz, 1996
33x19x12”, glass & granite
University of Iowa Hospital
for the Arts of Iowa State